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Dj's Da Funk One and SonnyB met in April 2005 through formal introduction from DJ Camacho of New Jersey. Shortly after their introduction, they quickly realized that they shared the same thoughts and ideas about the music. Through this common ground, a friendship was born and they quickly set out to accomplish their goal of bringing new music to the listeners or as they like to call it, “A Breath of New Life”. In September 2005, Da Funk One and SonnyB (alongside DJ Cameron) began a weekly party called Melodies at Langstons in Brooklyn, NY.

Within the same time frame, they also started playing weekly through live internet radio with Cyberjamz ( and Facethebass ( where hundreds of listeners tune in from the USA and overseas. As the months followed, SonnyB and Da Funk One continued their journey by quickly establishing their reputation of playing unreleased music as well as current and classic underground music. It was the love of “the music” that brought them together. They have formed not only a partnership, but a lifetime friendship and soon realized they were unified for life. Through this awakening, Unified Spirits was born.

In May 2006, Unified Spirits was invited to play at Utopia Sundays with DJ Bruno at Boston Rocks in Boston, MA. They have performed several times since then. In June 2006, they were welcomed to join Brian Reaves and Mike Brown of Unified Records to play at Uptown Lounge in Chicago, IL. Soon after, Unified Spirits joined the Unified Movement of Unified Records. Recently, Unified Spirits performed at the 2007 Winter Music Conference in Miami at PUSH FM’s party held at Club Buck 15 where they played alongside DJs Disciple and Groove Junkies.

They also performed at the Unified Records’ L.I.V.E. Party, alongside DJs Glen Underground, Gene Hunt, Tony Humphries, Ron Carrol, and Vic Lavender of Mr. Ali Since the conference, Unified Spirits has been invited to perform in Toronto, Canada, Chicago, Illinois, Boston, Massachusetts and  London, England.

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