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At a very early age, being exposed to a wealth of music that ranged from soul, gospel, jazz, pop, R&B, and funk was the thing that birthed my interest and love for music. With this exposure came the passion and gift to ‘blend’ music together to somehow tell a story---‘a story that reaches the heart and soul.’ Born and raised in Newark New Jersey, I began mixing music at the age of 14 using old ‘belt driven’ turntables (owned by a neighborhood friend) and later purchasing Technics D1 Direct Drive turntables.

My past underground music experience came after much exposure to the early club venues and playing music for friends and family at various events back in the early 80’s and then becoming the resident DJ for several events at Upsala College in East Orange, NJ. I credit my musical influence to Tony Humphries and the Jersey sound that he created ‘mixing the same flavor of music’ throughout his career.

My passion for music goes beyond just the ‘art form’ but in the musical fellowship it brings and the opportunity to inspire, encourage, and uplift the heart through music.  As a pioneering member of the BSC DJ line-up I'm very grateful to Share my musical message to the world.

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