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Sadaat Hamin the Song Selector - “Un-DJ” is a native born of Newark, New Jersey.  Hamin is blazing a molten trail, making a major name for himself as a DJ of the New Jersey/New York/Baltimore underground dance scene as well as the vibes of the world wide web.  Encroaching upon two decades of play, Hamin is crafting a remarkable impression among many with his eclectic style of self that transcends through his soulful, sexy, abstruse, heavily dark bass driven, sensually jazzy inimitable ear for selections that moves bodies across dancefloors.  As a dancer, first his soul bleeds through his selections, manifesting into an audible art of blends and transitions so smooth and natural they flow so free and seamless creating free spirited soul stirring atmospheres of release. 

Sadaat’s early influences growing up in Newark’s in famous Weequahic section were groups and individuals such as Mark IV, Peepo from Twin City, Larry Levan and a dear friend Cliff T.  He is further delighted by his rearing that held an abundance of family gatherings that were heavily filled with the playing of all natures of soulful music.  Hamin rights these gathering as the shaping of his musical stimuluses with that of Mandril, Barry White, Stevie Wonder, Ohio Players, Donnie Hathaway, Gil Scott Heron and a plethora of other soulful, sexy, heart stirring artists of the time.   Artist as such have driven his joy and love for “music with a message” and strong vocal content.  These inspirations have enhanced his desire to create compilations that flow so seamlessly that the distinction of the beginning and end are pointless.  

As an active “Song Selector”, Sadaat knows that there’s no limit to what the DJ world of today can do and hopes to one day select for masses abroad and other large venues and events with House Music like the WMC in Florida, Mexico, and Ibiza.  His eye for creativity is always tweaking as he is now on the surface of delving into the arena of production.  Sadaat Hamin promises to keep selecting until all his dreams come into fruition.   However, until then he is staking his claim in a permanent part of the New Jersey, New York, Baltimore and the world wide web underground house history with his current endeavors and kinships with his close friends, and House family:  Floorwerk, BPM, The DollHouse, New Haus Entertainment, Urbane Floetix, Spinz & Pinz, mobile DJ’ing and his weekly internet shows on every Saturday

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