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Andy Riscoe

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October 02, 2015

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and now residing in New Jersey. Riscoe has been playing music since the late 1970s. Music has always been a big part of his life, both as a musician and as a collector. "This beautiful sound I am very passionate about, and I take it very seriously (though, not myself to often)." Brooklyn, I say proudly has produced the greatest DJ's in the world who have shaped and influenced all dance music, Flowers, Greg Myers, Plummer, Larry Levan and Tee Scott to name a few. From these people I've learned how to take music from different genres and play on the groove. I'm proud to be a contributer to the dance culture scene. It's a beautiful thing... ... "PLAY IT LOUD" ...


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December 27, 2013

DJ CMK…. aka Clayton M. Knight  

My love for House Music oddly came at the expense of the Hip Hop era. I thought that at the time, myself and some of my best friends were going to be the next best thing closest to grand master flash and the furious five. This is where the name MC. BOOGIE NIGHTS began. Yet at the ripe age of 16yrs old I was riding on the #5 train when I saw a friend named Hector. Hector asked,  "Yo, you ever heard of this place called the Garage?" "Nah" I replied.  "Yo", he stated, with a strong tone, "you gotta check this place out." "Of course," I asked "why and what was so special about this place?" He explained, if you have never been to a real club this is one you need to see!

For me the walk up the ramp was confirmation I was in the right place. I never, ever heard of Larry Levan or what really house was all about. It was not hard for me to turn to what I now call the right side of music as opposed to the dark side lol.. The love affair begins with my first experience of hearing a sound system so moving that I could not believe.

Anyway with the evolution of music some 30yrs later, I find myself wanting to and living a dream, the likes of which playing a brand of House Music allows me DJ CMK to be happy at what I do. Providing the people who also love the music the gift to hear music the way they may like and are able to relate to. To all the listeners and to the many friends thank you for your time and you ears, with this platform let us each rise to the top together!


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