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Buttersoulcafe was created in the fall of 2008 by Mark Lewis with the sole purpose of expression through music. Whereas soulful house music can be heard and enjoyed, the vision during its creation was to provide a platform for DJs who had an infinite love for music and wanted to share their musical message to the world, or in our case at the time - our friends!  In the beginning, BSC started with 4 DJs that played on Thursday and Friday nights for 2 hour sets.  We have since grown to a full rotation of DJs. 

Since its birth, BSC has been a steady medium for music lovers over the internet with a steady stream in listenership as well as DJs. We thank the listener for their constant and consistent participation. BSC has been the home to the DJ wanting an outlet and home to a few of today’s sought after DJs in the soulful house music community within the NY/NJ area and the world. 

The tagline “Where Soul Lives” truly means as it is written. All the DJs, past and present, that have held DJs shows on BSCLive, play with a soulful intent and meaning that the message is clear - "Where Soul Lives"

In keeping with current trends in technology, BSC underwent a facelift...redefining its commitment to the listeners. (In other words – we heard you!) We have invited a few friends to participate on BSC, such as our friends “Househeadz at Home”. Please visit their channel under the menu to get the latest of happenings in NY/NJ and interviews of party-goers, party promoters and DJs . We also included a few links to trending music shops on the internet.   

If you are a House Music lover on the go, we invite you to listen to BSCLive! via the Tunein Radio app for your smart phone or mobile device.  Download free from iTunes/GooglePlay and search BSCLive. 

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  • Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.